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Single Board Computer        

   Our SBC(Single Board Computer) products have a shape, structure, function of a perfect computer to users. The SBC products provide the extensible sloution that it ican apply to an application for various industry.  

Compact PCI
AMD Geode Processor
Intet Atom Processor


ARM9 Dual Core Processor
AMD Geode Processor
Intel Atom Processor

Frame Grabber            

  It is a device having the function of processing the image frame data received from a camera and save the data in the system's main memory. DAQ system deals with an image processing to FPGA, and easily adapt to demand a customer. And it's our own board which is developed to various host interface. We provide our own API and sample test program that we developeded for convenience of a user. 


Camera Link
Full CameraLink USB3.0
Full CameraLink USB3.0
Base CameraLink USB3.0
Full CameraLink PCIe x4
Full CameraLink PCIe (GEN2) x4
Three Base CameraLink PCIe x4
Base CameraLink PCIe (GEN2) x1
Base CameraLink PCIe x1
Base CameraLink ECard
Base CameraLink PCI
Base CameraLink CPCI
Base CameraLink XMC

Single DVI USB3.0
Dual DVI PCIe x4
Dual DVI PCIe (GEN2) x4
SIngle DVI PCIe x1

Camera Link

Base Board


MIPI Adapter
Bade(In/Out) Board
Max, 800Mbps/Lane
Max 1.2Gbps/Lane

Full Camera Link to Fibre
Dual Fiber PCIe (GEN2) x4
Base Camera Link to Fibre
Single Fiber PCIe (GEN2)

Camera Link to Fiber
    Convertor Board

Fiber to Camera Link
    Convertor Board

Dual HD-SDI USB3.0
SIngle HD-SDI PCIe x1

PCIe x1


Converter, Repeater
    CameraLink Repeater

2 Channel Base
    CameraLink Repeater
Base CameraLink

DVI to CameraLink

CameraLink to DVI

4 CoaXPress Cameras

Data Acquisition            

  DAQ system Co., Ltd has developed the DAQ(Data Acquisition) board with various USB, PCI, PCI Express, Compact PCI etc. We provide our own API and sample test program that we developeded for convenience of a user.


Analog Input/Output
8 SingleEnded/
    4 Differential

8 SingleEnded/
    4 Differential

16 SingleEnded/
    8 Differential

4 SingleEnded/
    4 Differential

Express PCI Analog I/O
4 SingleEnded/
    4 Differential

Digital Signal Processing

PCI Digital I/O
32/32 Channel
64 Channel Input
64 Channel Output
32/32 Channel
128 Channel
16/16 or 32/32 Channel
32/32 Channel (CPCI)
128 Channel (CPCI)
32/32 Channel (PCIe x1)

Express PCI Digital I/O
32/32 Channel
64/64 Channel
128 Channel


PCI 8/8 Channel
Express PCI 8/8 Channel

Pulse Width Modulator
PCI 4 Channel
PCI 2 Channel
USB 4 Channel

Relay Output
3U CPCI 4x50 Relay

High Speed(Express PCI)
LVDS High Speed
    Data Transmission

LVDS High Speed
    Data Transmission

USB Digital I/O
32 Channel
40 Channel
128 Channel
64 Channel
16/16 Channel(Multi)
16/16 Channel

USB Development
USB Development
USB-EK01 Extension
USB-EK01 Extension

Multi Function

Interface Link        

  Interface Link Boards make it easy to access for various Interface. For example, the low cost products replace it with expensive industrial devices, or the device can be extended and used multiple connections. In addition, user can easily control PCI or Compact PCI or PCI Express products. DAQ system provides a cost effective products and user's convenience for a variety to the customers.

Compact PCI to PCI
32bit Passive Adaptor
64bit Passive Adaptor

PCI to Compact PCI
PCI to CPCI Conversion
4 PCI to CPCI Conversion

Compact PCI Backplane/Extension
CPCI Backplane
CPCI Extension

Serial Communication
8 ports RS-232

Compact PCI Bridge
Link Board for Laptop
Link Board for Desktop
CPCI Bridge Board (Support 6)
CPCI Bridge Board (Support 8)

PCI Express to PCI
PCI Express Interface
PCI Interface
PCI Express Interface
PCI Interface


  It is a high speed data transfer device with using USB2.0 and Ethernet Interface that have Analog Input and Digital Output. There is no seperate power device because of Power of Ethernet(PoE) device.  


8 Channel ADC/PoE
6 Channel ADC/PoE

Frame Grabber
Camera Link

Industrial Camera            

  It stores the image signal acquired in the various types of camera to a file or a device for outputting a processed digital signal from the computer. It also provides an API and sample programs for your convenience. 


Camera Link
5Mp, Rolling Shutter


5Mp, Rolling Shutter
1Mp, Global Shutter

5Mp, Rolling Shutter
1Mp, Global Shutter